Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Blog

What is time? Is time a noun? Is it something you can befriend? Is it a place to go to? Is time a memory or is time an enemy? Time has no bottom, it is endless yet it is short. Time is full for some of us but for others it feels like an eternity. Time can be counted in moments, in memories, and in milestones. It can be forgotten, missed and remembered always.

This year I have taken the time given to me in my life to better my days, to better my mind and spirit. I have educated my brain, exercised my body and with new friendships revitalized my soul. I have steered the course and drifted about and found where I am is where I need to be. The opportunities overflow me with gratitude and yet I know in order to stay intact I must release what has been given to me, and offer it to someone else. As of now in this moment, this is the last blog I will be writing for my beloved school. Moraine Park has given me so much, I have to let go of some of it to maintain. Maybe if time and chance allows I will write again, but for now, I will take what I need and give away the rest.

Thank you so much to all who made The Scribbler possible and remember, make it a great one.

Kirsten Lynch

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  1. We will miss you! Good luck with your classes and your extracurriculars this year!